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Queens casino told woman $43M prize was slot machine malfunction. but no penny slot machine is ever going to payout anywhere close to 42 million.Woman Wins $42 Million On Slot Machines, Casino Says It's A Malfunction And Offer Steak Dinner. SHARE. who wanted to use her multi-million pound win to buy a.Louise Chavez considered she gained over $42 million at a slot device, but the on line casino promises the device malfunctioned. Chavez spoke with Jeff Glor. resource.An 87 year-old lady from Illinois is suing the Isle of Capri Casinos company, after hitting a $42 million slots jackpot which turned out to be a computer.

Woman denied $43M slot machine win, offered steak dinner. machine win, offered steak dinner instead. 43 million in slot machine malfunction.Slot machine malfunction leads lady to think she's rich. Casino Officials say it was a malfunction. April Fools to her, I guess.

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Iowa Supreme court verdict favors the casino and declares "$42 million" jackpot to be the slot machine glitch, 87 year old Pauline McKee loses on a jackpot.

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42 Million Dollar Jackpot win was a machine. win was a machine malfunction. that 42 million on a penny slot does sound like an.Black Customer Accused Of Stealing His Own Jacket Gets Last Laugh Against Racist Store Manager.

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Katrina Bookman thought she had become a multi-millionaire at the Resorts World Casino in New York, only to be offered $2.25 and a complementary steak meal.Woman Stripped Of $42.9 Million Jackpot Over “Malfunction” At New York CasinoTHIS SOME OL’ BULLS#!T RIGHT HERE!This story reported by ABC7 got us thinking, what.

Louise Chavez thought she won over $42 million at a slot machine, but the casino claims the machine malfunctioned. Chavez spoke with Jeff Glor.A New York woman is up in arms after a local casino denied her a $42 million dollar payday, attributing it to a slot machine malfunction.Woman may sue NYC casino after being told $42 million jackpot was 'malfunction'. $43 million on a penny slot in. Malfunction' After Slot Machine Says.

It was a selfie she thought was worth nearly $43 million. Katrina Bookman hit the jackpot on a slot machine in late. Machine malfunctions.Woman Wins $42 9 Million On A Slot Machine, Casino Says There Was A “Malfunction” And Offers Her A STEAK DINNER.Kim Kardashian Shocks Fans By Sharing A Topless Picture Taken By Four-Year-Old North.

Imagine seeing $42.9 million on the screen of the slot machine you just played. Major machine malfunctions are rare so,.«A New York woman is up in arms after a local casino denied her a $42 million dollar payday, attributing it to a slot machine malfunction.».

Yes the make millions but this comes from hotels, golf courses and other entertainment entities.Casino: Manufacturer Liable in Slot Machine Jackpot Malfunction. Katrina Bookman was playing penny slots when the screen indicated she had won a $42.9M payout.News » Legal » $43 Million Slots Jackpot Malfunction Lawsuit Challenges Casino. won $42.9 million. obvious malfunction.” The Sphinx Slot Machine Bookman.No mention of a bonus or symbols lining up, so the casino is suppose to magically pay you 42 millions.

The casinos should NOT get to keep the money on a malfunction slot.

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A malfunctioning slot machine showed winnings of $43 million;. slot machine jackpot in US. on the penny slot was the result of an obvious malfunction.Woman Plans on Suing Casino After Slot Machine Malfunction Falsely. she hit a $43 million. slot machine malfunctioned. "Malfunctions void all.. 42, was playing on the slot machines;. was her $8.5 million slot machine win. that said the machine with the “display malfunction” was taken off.