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Cut To divide a deck into two sections where either section must contain at least five cards and where the two sections swap positions, usually done prior to the initial cards being dealt on any particular deal.Full Boat Another name for a full house, a poker hand consisting three-of-a-kind and another pair.Play(ing) Behind Have chips in play that are not in front of you (allowed only when waiting for chips that are already purchased).Buy The Pot When a player makes a bet causing all the other players to pass (fold).Nuts (The) The nuts is an unbeatable hand, there is no other hand that could win.

For example, an angler may indicate to bet out of turn causing other players to call when they may have raised or to fold when they may have called.Rabbit hunting is frowned upon when playing poker and banned from most tournaments.Cold Deck A form of cheating in which a pre-arranged deck of cards is switched into a game.Three of a Kind Three cards of the same denomination with two unpaired cards of different denominations.

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Burn When the dealer discards the next card prior to dealing the flop, turn and river.Often online poker sites offer free entry but give real money prizes.

So, if you have AK of diamonds and the flop comes two diamonds, your implied odds are what you have to call at the flop compared to how large the pot will be at the end of the hand.Small Blind The smallest forceed wager placed in the pot directly after the dealer before the cards are dealt.PUSHING BETS The situation in which two or more players make an agreement to return bets to each other when one of them wins.Stone Cold Nuts The best holding possible in a hand of poker that will win the entire pot (as opposed to possibly winning only half or some fraction).

Pushka An agreement between two or more players to share part of the pots win, or more precisely, the container into which the agreed chips are played.Preflop the person to the left of the big blind, or after the flop the small blind are the worst positions as the player has to act first and does not get any chance to read the other players from their bets before putting money into the pot.

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Suited hands are slightly better than unsuited hands because there is a chance of a flush.Straight Flush Five cards in sequential order, all if the same suit, example 5,6,7,8,9 all diamonds the highest of which is called a Royal Flush, example, 10-J-Q-K-A all clubs.Scoop To win both the high and the low portions of a pot in a split-pot game.

A common cap seen in online poker games is 4 bets per round (one bet and three raises).Texas Hold-Em (High). Basic Texas Hold-Em rules: 1. Two cards are dealt face-down to each. of cards is dealt, to designate the first.Another example is that two pairs 99664 will beat two pairs 99663.To muck (verb) is to discard you hand in a showdown but not show your hand once you discover the other hand has beaten you.However, brick and mortar casinos will charge players an hourly rate instead of raking hands.Check-Raise A situation in which a player checks and then after a later player makes a wager the player who originally checked puts in a raise.

Often when someone loses a big hand or has a good hand cracked (bad beat) it causes them to tilt.Each player gets two hidden hole cards and five common cards called the board.For example, it is standard etiquette that putting the requisite chips for a call into the pot just means a call.Dead Money A novice player who has virtually no shot at winning a tournament.PLAY TEXAS HOLDEM AT. Many poker rooms have three or more variations of Texas Hold'em Poker. the first three community cards are dealt.

Back In A term usually used in draw poker like Jacks or Better or Jackpots in which a player does not open to make the first opening bet but then calls after another player has opened the betting with a qualifying opening hand.Action Player A player who gets involved in lots of pots frequently with inferior hands.This type of player plays a lot of hands, raises frequently, and often bluffs.

The other players may check it out to reduce the chances of the player who is all-in from winning the pot.Implied Odds The same as pot odds except it takes into account making bets in the future.Can also be a coloured piece of plastic the same size as a playing card sometimes called the buck that is used for cutting the deck so that the bottom card cannot be seen.The Hold'em Shortcut system eliminates 99% of the memorization required for. Texas Hold'em may, at first. The flush potential of the two cards 3).