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Medical records shall remain exempt from s. 119.07(1) and s. 24(a), Art.The Legislature finds that unreimbursed health care services provided to persons who are unable to pay for such services cause the cost of services to paying patients to increase in a manner unrelated to the actual cost of services delivered.The agency shall take no action to implement a certified-match program without ensuring that the amendment and review requirements of ss. 216.177 and 216.181 have been met. (12).These policies and guidelines must include an option for a provider service network to be paid fee-for-service rates.Shall negotiate reimbursement rates and, at the option of the county, negotiate with appropriate hospitals the number of days of care provided under the program. (e).By January 15 of each year, the department shall submit to the Legislature a longitudinal study of the individuals who are diverted from nursing home placement.

The department in its capacity as the state Title IV-D agency shall have the authority to take actions necessary to carry out the public policy of ensuring that children are maintained from the resources of their parents to the extent possible.Assess Medicaid beneficiaries who are outliers in their use of behavioral health drugs with regard to the numbers and types of drugs taken, drug dosages, combination drug therapies, and other indicators of improper use of behavioral health drugs. (IV).After such review, the committee must recommend whether to retain the therapeutic class of drugs or subcategories of drugs within a therapeutic class on the preferred drug list and whether to institute prior authorization requirements necessary to ensure patient safety. (10).

Legal US Poker News - State by State. it seemed that online poker and casino games would not be on the table for. US Poker Laws by State. All State Poker Laws.The agency may require the posting of a surety bond to guarantee that no financial or other conflicts of interest exist or will exist among vendors selected to provide preauthorization and concurrent utilization review management services. (2).Substitute care providers who are licensed under s. 409.175 and have contracted with a lead agency authorized under this section shall also be authorized to provide registered or licensed family day care under s. 402.313, if consistent with federal law and if the home has met the requirements of s. 402.313. (c).As a condition of Medicaid eligibility, subject to federal approval, the agency and the department shall ensure that each Medicaid recipient consents to the release of her or his medical records to the agency and the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit of the Department of Legal Affairs. History. — s. 4, ch. 2011-134. 409.964.This program is intended to serve as the payor of last resort. (3)(a).Any default in payment of costs may be collected by any means authorized by law. (24).

The agency may amend the state plan and issue a procurement, as necessary, in order to implement this program.Any balance in the trust fund at the end of any fiscal year shall remain therein and shall be available for carrying out the provisions of this section. (14).Certification of local funds as state match for federally funded services. 409.2675.Activities and associated expenditures of the low-income pool. 7.Implementation of Healthy Families Florida program. — The Department of Children and Family Services shall contract with a private nonprofit corporation to implement the Healthy Families Florida program.

The agency shall support this contract with certified public expenditures of general revenue appropriated for Healthy Start services and any earned federal matching funds. (b).The agency may competitively bid single-source-provider contracts if procurement of goods or services results in demonstrated cost savings to the state without limiting access to care.Upon certification by a licensed child-placing agency that a family foster home meets the licensing requirements, the department shall issue the license. (c).The agency shall submit any state plan amendments, new waiver requests, or requests for extensions or expansions for existing waivers, needed to implement the managed care program by August 1, 2011. History. — s. 5, ch. 2011-134. 409.965.For the 2011-2012 state fiscal year, the agency may not distribute moneys under the regional perinatal intensive care centers disproportionate share program. (1).The state, therefore, exercising its police and sovereign powers, declares that the common-law and statutory remedies pertaining to family desertion and nonsupport of dependent children shall be augmented by additional remedies directed to the resources of the responsible parents.In addition to the items specified under s. 2108 of Title XXI of the Social Security Act, the report shall include an assessment of crowd-out and access to health care, as well as the following: (a).The depository shall maintain necessary accounts to reflect obligations and payments for noncovered medical expenses. (7).It is the intent of the Legislature by this section to supplement Medicaid funds that are used to provide medical services to eligible persons.

These projects are not subject to the provisions of s. 408.036 or s. 408.039. This subsection expires October 1, 2013. (40).Funds shall be distributed quarterly in each fiscal year for which an appropriation is made.The department may adopt rules necessary to administer this paragraph. (6).This system of payments must conform to federal requirements and distribute funds in each fiscal year for which an appropriation is made by making quarterly Medicaid payments.Within 90 days after a school district applies to enroll as a Medicaid provider under the certified match program, the agency may conduct a review to ensure that the school district has the capability to comply with the requirements in subsection (2).

For the purpose of this paragraph, the quality measures must include plan performance for preventing or managing complex, chronic conditions that are associated with an elevated likelihood of requiring high-cost medical treatments. (h).The department and community-based providers shall implement the model set forth in this paragraph to help ensure that children in foster care are ready for postsecondary education and the workplace. 1.At the discretion of the committee, and when feasible, the preferred drug list should include at least two products in a therapeutic class.The technical advisory panel shall advise the agency concerning: 1.

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In accordance with s. 1923(b) of the Social Security Act, a hospital with a Medicaid inpatient utilization rate greater than one standard deviation above the statewide mean or a hospital with a low-income utilization rate of 25 percent or greater shall qualify for reimbursement. (3).Such property continues to be subject to applicable federal laws. (9).

Each member of the board of directors shall be appointed by the Governor for a 3-year term.The agency may seek federal waivers to implement this initiative. (e).

For purposes of this subsection, the PSN inpatient days shall be provided in the General Appropriations Act. (6).If federal funds are available for disproportionate share programs in addition to those otherwise provided by law, a primary care disproportionate share program shall be established. (2).The agency may seek a federal waiver or state plan amendment to implement this program.The staff director shall serve as secretary to the Interstate Commission but shall not have a vote.It is the intent of the Legislature that physicians providing services in state institutions meet the professional standards of their respective licensing boards and that such institutions make every reasonable effort to assure that all physicians employed are licensed, or will become licensed, in this state.