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I am now a thief a liar had a break down and will probably never work again. but I have drawn a line in the sand I cant change what I have done will never recover financially but I Can become a better man and a dad again one day at a time.So, share as much or as little as you like but do try to stick to keeping just one thread in this forum so people know where to find you if they want to be updated on your progress or share something with you.Brilliant to see all the ex-players talk about that unforgettable match.You are facing temptation at work everyday and still managing to resist the urge to gamble.I think the shock gives us the incentive to restore our loss.Effects of Problem Gambling on the Gambler. I'd probably just lose it again. I can't face this mess alone, but I'm too embarrassed to ask for help.One of them fell over and shattered, shooting a piece off into my knuckle.It was supposed to be while I found a full time job but after I handed in my notice at 18, they asked if I wanted hours on the bar.For now all I can do is politely say no, rudely say no, resort to violence.

Everyone left early last night so I was left alone with not a soul in the place to lock up.Stocks been fine, staff have turned up, not ran out of change, not killed anyone yet.Im one such deliverer and we get a run set out each morning depending on whos ordered what.Now finally they are all out on the table in full view to me (mentally of course).

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You no longer accept the arguments that you used to persuade yourself to gamble more.They were really helpful, though my creditors are being a pain and refusing to freeze charges and interest.An absolute legend by the way, i named Arnie, after an old mascot i saw on some Liverpool merchandise.Continued success to both of us through out the rest of 2016 FG.

SO weird, I wrote a long reply here to you Adam, as you are one of my GT heroes at the moment.Once upon a time, I had the bright idea I was going to make these big feature boards for work advertising new products and prices.If there was a ride were they strapped you in and just had a bunch of little kids run in from the sides and start kicking you in the legs and chest.

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The thing is, it took him ages, and when I was clearing up at the end of the night, he was still there.Queue the frantic phone call from Spain desperately seeking information on said explosion.

They say that Gambling once you become addicted is MORE addictive, because it is purely mental.

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The great thing about this site is that you can then see what you wrote and where you were at a certain time.

Pretty much includes throwing all the empty barrels outside and rolling new ones into place.I snatched it off her and started screaming at her for looking.Not only do I have the banking to do, the safe to check and an order coming in the morning.This guy might put a lot in, but he seems to do it at the right times because he always tends to be lucky.What could seem an innocent activity, really could send us on a downward spiral.I try my best to never sell at a loss, so everything extra I get is all gravy.

Must of taken a good 20 minutes but I managed to convince everyone to call it a night and not murder this man.Fifty three bloody quid for basically about 20 pens and a canvas.It did something to my brain chemistry which made me forget about everything else.(since nearly everyone will lose to the casino in most. If u always lose in gambling, why dont u arrange with a buddy to bet opposite of whatever you bet?.I always pushed my luck further and further until I eventually lost everything.Do you wish you could never lose a sports bet again? Wish you could always win when gambling? Well now you can do just that. Read on and find out.I guess in time, the savings will, hopefully, take care of themselves.

I am trying now to move on, be kind to myself and rebuild what I have lost.Your parents will still be your parents after they know your dirty secret, and they will still love you.These assholes will have me waiting till half 12 and still not turn up, completely wasting my day.Could probably go to Spain for a week and it would cost less, but I do enjoy a good thrill ride.Unfortunately the next morning I was totally unable to go to the football.

Anyway all the best, gerrards a legend and a top, top player.You may get a lecture or some angry words, but it will pass fairly quickly, i believe.He always manages to capture me by starting to gamble really late at night.I too have seen some interesting things go down and lucky for me I was and am able to get enough control,so that no one left injured.Gambling Income and Losses. must be included when computing the deductible gambling losses, which is generally always an issue in a. show a net loss.The bigger packages (i think) are for corporates or for familys where there is a admin which kinds of defeats the object if your doing this solo.Last week was obviously a fluke and now Coors are back to norm being late and ruining my morning.It could be much worse, I could be gambling and be waking up each day stressed, frustrated, depressed, worried and thinking of ways to manipulate situations so I can get money to cg just so I can live with myself.I have only told one person about my problem and only said it was half of what I actually owe.

The book is great as it is very repetitive as it bangs home its message.Sure, I play a risky game at times but I like to test myself occasionally.BeGambleAware® promotes responsible gambling. Get key information to help recognise problem gambling, and where to find help & support if you need it.Hi Adam, just wondering if you have thought about sharing a flat with someone for a time so you will be able to put more savings away to help you reach your goal of buying your own place some day.But in all seriousness there was only one team who wanted to win and they did it very I lost everything. Obviously gambling always at the forfront of any. bought a few luxury items, but I was always going to go back. I needed that loss.Family makes it difficult getting past guilt, duty and responsibility.I came on here today to say hi to Paula and say thanks for the words.Apart from that bit of drama it should be smooth sailing to Sunday when the boss returns.