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This is a high-quality dovetail-style saw, perfect for cutting fret slots for standard fret wires that fit in a.023" slot.The wrap at the nut end can fit between the nut and first fret with standard size masking tape.Cut fret slots fast and accurate using your table-saw or radial-arm saw.fret slot cutting with a circular saw. a few dewalt 18 volt battery tools and when I saw the 6” fret slot cutting blade in the stewmac catalogue I.Urburno, I cut fret slots on my table saw using a blade from Stewart McDonald that has a kerf that is sized for fret slots. It works very well.

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Essentially, using the indexing feature of the jig, you can make exact copies of any slotted fretboard you have.Pre-slotted boards are nice to work with, but they are limited in species.

For my jig, I found an old razor blade and it happened to fit right inside a fret slot without any wiggle.This thin piece of metal sits right at the bottom, and is screwed to one of the miter box faces to keep it secure.Anyone with some patience and time can make a nice guitar, even on the first try.

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This is a set of two separate KMG finger-board slotting templates Martin long scale 25.34" actual (25.4" nominal) and Martin short scale 24.82" actual (24.fretting tools, radius block, fret end nipper, fret puller, fret slotting saw, fret crowning file, fret leveling file.If you are new at guitar making, and working on getting your tools and jigs made, do not be discouraged.

Once completed, take a look at the end of the board to ensure that all the slots have been cut correctly.The fret slotting jig will work just the same on every slot, and at the end you will have a very accurate copy of the template fretboard.I find it hard to believe that I first floated the idea of a dedicated luthier's saw to Mark Harrell three years ago, in many ways it feels like the conversation...

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Click the button below to add the Adjustable Fret Slotting Saw to your wish list. Related Products. Depth Stop For Fret Slotting Saws $14.30.The length of the blank does not really matter as long as you have enough to use the fretboard on a guitar, but the width needs to be the same as the template board.Pat making the fretboard Pat Hawley writes: Fret spacing template attached to the back of the. The saw blade is a special very thin fret saw blade. Fret slots cut.The two halves are then screwed to a base board with the indexing bar in place.

You can slide a few sheets of paper or a playing card in between so you have a little movement after you screw down the miter box.

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My homemade fret slotting jig is one of the most popular jigs that I teach in my book. A indexing bar is added below the saw slot that fits exactly into a fret slot.Everything Dulcimer. Warren May uses a gang saw with fret blades appropriatly spaced and mounted on a single shaft to cut all the fret slots on one pass over the saw.A indexing bar is added below the saw slot that fits exactly into a fret slot.

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If that happens, put the pieces back inside and cut the missed slot.Online shopping for Fret & Coping Saws from a great selection at DIY & Tools Store.

It is hard to see inside the jig, so sometimes a slot is missed.When you are satisfied with the board made with the fret slotting jig, remove the tape and your fretboard slotting is complete.Acoustic Guitar Making: How to make Tools, Templates, and Jigs.

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Learn how to make beautiful marquetry projects. Marquetry is the practice of creating pictures and designs using different colors and species of veneers.i think the size would be a bit too wide, they are good for saws and tennon saws, however the thinner/smaller fret slotting saw might be a bit too small.When you are able to slot the boards yourself, your wood choice is far more open.Find great deals on eBay for fret slotting saw and slotting saw. Shop with confidence.

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Fret Saws, Coping Saws and Replacement Blades at Highland Woodworking.This will lock the boards into position, ready for the first cut.